Musée Visionnaire

Harald Naegeli
The Known Unknown - Part 2: Human and Transience

01.07.21 – 10.10.21

Born in 1939 in Zurich, Harald Naegeli was known as the Sprayer of Zurich in the late ’70s. For political reasons, he had distanced himself from his home town for more than three decades. Now, he returned from Düsseldorf (Germany) – and with him came his drawings. These drawings were hardly ever seen in Zurich, let alone exhibited publicly as a comprehensive retrospective. Therefore, it is not surprising that only a few insiders know that the notorious Sprayer of Zurich did not limit himself to urban space. Being the silent, reserved und inconspicuous artist that he is, he created an impressive oeuvre of drawings over the years. This oeuvre is at the heart of this exhibit. To provide an extensive representation, the Musée Visionnaire presents it in three stages, each focusing on different themes. The start of the exhibitions will be announced on the homepage and in the newsletter.

Harald Naegeli


Musée Visionnaire
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Published on: 24.06.21