Collection de l'Art Brut

5th Biennial of Art Brut:

17.12.21 – 01.05.22

Here we are being offered a new aspect of the collection. In its investigation of the theme of beliefs, the 5th Biennial of Art Brut delves into the interconnections between the creators of Art Brut, religion and the occult.

Some of these artists illustrate mystical subjects by reinterpreting them or by appropriating religious rites. Others devise highly personal doctrines for their own use and, like all-powerful demiurges, integrate their works into these new creeds as infrastructures for prophecies or protection against ill fortune. Then there are the many spiritualists or inspired mediums who deny actual authorship of their work, claiming contact with the afterlife via dictation emanating from the deceased, the spirit world or supernatural forces.

All of them, through the diversity and originality of their belief systems, transcend in their different ways living conditions that are often difficult. The works on show include illustrations of divinities, saints and other religious figures, as well as extremely complex abstract compositions, paintings of a symbolist nature and objects for use in rituals.

Anic Zanzi


Collection de l'Art Brut
11, av. des Bergières
1004 Lausanne
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Published on: 07.06.21